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Home / Events / Pavesi - Mentes guitar duo, Casi Flamenco
Pavesi - Mentes guitar duo, Casi Flamenco

Concert tickets Pavesi - Mentes guitar duo, Casi Flamenco

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«Pavesi - Mentes guitar duo, Casi Flamenco»

Friday Fr - 08:00pm
September, 2020
Sep 11 Fr - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Henryk Slawik rakpart, 1111, Budapest, Budapest, Hungary


Norbert Mentes & Renato PavesiA special fusion of two guitarists coming from different musical backgrounds.Norbert Mentes founding member of Moby Dick, one of the most popular domestic rock bands in 1981 at the age of 13! The band is still active and will soon celebrate its 40th anniversary. Norbert has been successful in several projects and has over 30 discs with his unique guitar playing.Now Norbert and Renato are bringing to the stage another exciting musical production in which the style of the two guitarists creates a striking contrast. In this alloy, we can hear the works of Renato and Norbert in an interesting way for both genres.Renato Pavesi is internationally renowned, has toured Western Europe in the last few years, and has also played in Seville, London, Berlin and Milan. He has been invited several times to Korea, Japan and toured in Iraq. He received one of his most outstanding invitations from Brian May, the Queen's guitarist, at the Royal Garden Hotel in London. Initially Renato mastered the guitar arts, then graduated with a degree in Music from Kingston University, London, where he studied with the famous Eric Clapton. Renato was born and raised in Budapest, of Italian-Hungarian descent, and perhaps his musical diversity comes from here. In addition to learning from the world-famous Juan Martin and Robert Svärd, Hungarian folklore has a major influence on his musical work.Casi FlamencoThe Casi Flamenco show is based on the elements of flamenco styles. They guide the audience through the tracks of flamenco featuring several tracks including the latest flamenco hits. The ensemble was formed 15 years ago by young people who had been cultivating flamenco for a long time and have been regular members of the flamenco scene in Budapest ever since.