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Home / Events / New date: Felső Tízezer album-release concert
New date: Felső Tízezer album-release concert

Concert tickets New date: Felső Tízezer album-release concert

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«New date: Felső Tízezer album-release concert»

Thursday Th - 08:00pm
September, 2020
Sep 3 Th - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Henryk Slawik rakpart, 1111, Budapest, Budapest, Hungary


2020 is of particular importance for the Felső Tízezer band. Known for its rolling guitar music, grandiose and lovingly cynical lyrics, the band will launch its third album in the summer of 2020 titled The Complicated World on A38.Support act: The California Nightmares.The first album of the Felső Tízezer band was released in 2015 by Normafa Records. In 2016, with their song Hip-Hip-Hurray, they reached the finals of the Index Song Contest.In 2018, the band's second single, "Will Be Somehow," was released, and in the spring of 2019, a new single debuted on the Record Store' Day entitled "I Hate the Music." This time they'll present their stunning new album titled A Complicated World.