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Low Roar (IS)

Concert tickets Low Roar (IS)

Egyetemváros - A38
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«Low Roar (IS)»

Monday Mo - 08:00pm
June, 2020
Jun 8 Mo - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Henryk Slawik rakpart, 1111, Budapest, Budapest, Hungary


Great art has always incubated in human isolation. Low Roar - the musical vision of Ryan Karazija - alchemises those moments of solitude into tunes of glacial modern pop anthems. He’s a Californian artist living in Warsaw, recording in the United Kingdom and constantly touring around the world. Ryan has made a habit of documenting his life in honest songs that can swell your spirit or break your heart at any given time. His fourth studio album ross. was released on November 8th 2019. ross. perfectly honours the core sonic ideals at the heart of Low Roar. Expansive atmospherics and a soft neon pulse of electronic beats illuminate the sonic firmament just enough to reveal the vast space through which Low Roar’s minimalist arrangements and acoustic textures move. As a songwriter, Karazija has always understood that far from be aing antithetical to universality, honouring your personal experiences as unflinchingly as you can, is intrinsic to it. It’s a record about the sometimes uneasy relationship between physical and emotional distance The release of ross. November 8th coincided with the release of one of 2019’s most-awaited video game, Death Stranding, from acclaimed designer and director Hideo Kojima [Metal Gear]; Low Roar contribute to the game’s soundtrack including tracks from ross., Once in a Long Long While, 0 and Low Roar. The collaboration sprouted after Kojima accidentally discovered Low Roar’s music in a Reykjavik record store, and began with the inclusion of “I’ll Keep Coming” & ‘Easy Way Out’ (from 0) on Death’s Stranding’s first trailer, back in 2016. The latest record sees the long-standing partnership of renowned producer and three-time Grammy Award winner Andrew Scheps (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Hozier), Mike Lindsay (Tunng, Lump) & Ryan Karazija himself, collaborate on production duties.