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Home / Events / Floex and Robot Josef (CZ), Ohnody
Floex and Robot Josef (CZ), Ohnody

Concert tickets Floex and Robot Josef (CZ), Ohnody

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«Floex and Robot Josef (CZ), Ohnody»

Monday Mo - 07:30pm
April, 2020
Apr 20 Mo - 07:30pm
07:30 PM
Henryk Slawik rakpart, 1111, Budapest, Budapest, Hungary


For the first time in the history of the A38, a robot is drumming on stage! Floex and Robot Josef along with Never Sol singer pay a visit from Prague. Extraordinary support will come by Ohnody.The czech renowned composer and multimedia artist Floex comes to festival and club stages with a new concert project that is linked to the celebration of the 10th anniversary ofthe legendary PC game Machinarium (to which Floex is the original soundtrack composer and that sold over 5 milion units worldwide!). The concerts are joined by the pop singer Never Sol and a special drumming robot Josef who you might remember as the abovementioned PC game main character. You’ll hear a selection of tracks from Floex’s work incl. the newly released Machinarium Remixed (October 2019), a special vinyl edition of remixes introduced by the first single by the legendary British electronic duo Orbital. Orbital had a major influence on generations of musicians, including Floex himself, admitting they are big fans of Machinarium PC game themselves: “I played Machinarium when it first came out and it quickly became one of my favourite all-time games, with my favourite game score of all time,” said Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll about discovering Floex’s soundtrack.During the live show are also presented songs from previously released A Portrait of John Doe that Floex composed in collaboration with the British pianist/composer Tom Hodge and that received many prestigious awards, incl. Angel Award (Czech Grammy).Floex (Tomáš Dvořák - clarinetist, composer, producer and multimedia artist) creates unique atmospheric universe which explores possibilities of co-existence between electronic and acoustic worlds of sounds.